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Note: Orders received less than 5 days prior to the first event day will be charged at a higher, on-site order rate.

  1. Payment in full must accompany the order. No exceptions. Checks should be made payable to Greenville Convention Center. There is a $35.00 service charge for all returned checks.
  2. Advanced order rates are available on orders received 5 or more days prior to the first move-in day.
  3. Credit will not be given for services installed and not used.
  4. Quantities of some telecommunications services are limited. Please order early to ensure availability. Orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.
  5. Exhibitors will be responsible for the protection of any equipment rented from Greenville Convention Center and will be assessed a fee for lost or damaged equipment as follows:
    • $75.00 - damaged telephone handsets
    • $25.00 - damaged connector cords
  6. All prices are for rental of materials and equipment. Materials and equipment used in installation will remain the property of Greenville Convention Center.
  7. Under no circumstances will anyone other than GCC technicians do any special wiring in the Greenville Convention Center without prior written approval. Additional wiring by outside providers must be done under the supervisionof the Center's Facility Services.
  8. All Exhibitor services will be disconnected on the last day of the event, 30 minutes after the official closing time.
  9. Rates quoted for all services include bringing the requested communication services to the booth in the most convenient manner and do not include special wiring, overhead drops and/or special setup or installation of communication equipment. Additional labor charges will be assessed when special services are requiredor if roof or wall penetration is necessary.
  10. Notification of cancellation must be received a minimum of ten days prior to show move-in for full refund.
  11. All changes from original order will be assessed a relocation charge of $75.00 per line.
  12. Disputes concerning service must be filed by the Exhibitor with the Facility Services Department prior to the close of the show.
  13. Our phone system requires you to dial "9" first in order to make a call.
  14. Any wired or wireless internet access made available for use by the Greenville Convention Center or a third party, whether for public or private use, fall outside of the center's PCI DSS compliance scope. Networks should be treated as open, public networks and all cardholder data should be handled in an encrypted manner. Users of any internet/network are responsible for their own security and SMG is not liable for damages due to the user's failure to follow PCI DSS procedures. Usage of any SMG or third party internet/network within the Greenville Convention Center campus constitutes acceptance of this policy.