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Note: Orders received less than 90 days prior to the first event day will be charged at a higher, on-site order rate.

  1. Payment in full must accompany the order. No exceptions please. Checks should be made payable to Greenville Convention Center. $35.00 service charge for returned checks.
  2. Credit will not be given for plumbing services installed and not used.
  3. All material and equipment furnished by Greenville Convention Center for this service order shall remain the Center's property and shall be removed only by Greenville Convention Center personnel at the close of the show.
  4. All equipment must comply with state and local safety codes.
  5. Prices are based upon current wage rates and are subject to change without notice.
  6. Under no circumstances shall anyone other than "house personnel" make service connections.
  7. Special equipment requiring company engineers or technicians for assembly, servicing, preparatory work and operation may be executed without "house personnel", however, all service connections to such equipmentmust be made by "house personnel" only.
  8. Connection rates listed cover bringing service from main line to booth and do not include connecting equipment. Requests for special services such as placing hose under carpet or relocating service(s) will include a laborcharge.
  9. Service outlet size will be determined by the volume required.
  10. All work performed within booth attaching lines to equipment will be charged on a time and materials basisin addition to connection fees.
  11. A separate connection fee will be made for each piece of equipment connected to the main line.
  12. Disputes concerning service must be filed by the Exhibitor with the Facility Services Department prior to the closeof the show.
  13. Greenville Convention Center will not be responsible for moisture or other matter in the air supply. Exhibitors requiring instrument quality air should supply their own filter or dryer to handle moisture or other matter inthe air lines.
  14. If pressure is critical, Exhibitors should arrange to have a pressure regulator valve installed for compressedair, water or natural gas service.
  15. A minimum of 90 days advance notice required when ordering gas service.