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Note: Orders received less than 21 days prior to the first event day will be charged at a higher, on-site order rate.

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  1. Rates are based on orders received 21 days prior to first event day.
  2. The order form, with payment and booth plan, should be received by the Greenville Convention Center at least 21 days prior to the event to insure timely hookup.
  3. Only the Center's official electricians will be permitted to do wiring on the premises. Technical questions can be addressed to the the Greenville Convention Center, One Exposition Drive, Greenville, SC 29607, or telephone (864) 255-5875.
  4. All electrical cords, systems or fixtures of any type must be in compliance with the National Electric Code. Audits will be performed and power turned off any equipment in noncompliance until NEC standards are implemented. Per International Fire Code 605.5.1, which covers power supplies, extension cords shall be plugged directly into an approved receptacle, power tap or multi-plug adaptor and, except for approved multi-plug extension cords, shall service only one appliance. With this in mind, the electrical outlet that the the Greenville Convention Center provides is an approved receptacle. From this receptacle you are permitted one of the following: a.) Plug your appliance directly into the approved receptacle; or b.) Use a single approved UL Listed extension cord into which you can plug one appliance; or c.) Use a single approved UL Listed extension cord into which you can connect one surge protected power strip into which you can plug in your appliance(s); or d.) Plug one surge protected power strip into which you can plug your appliance(s); or e.) Plug one surge protected power strip into which you can plug in approved UL Listed extension cords where only one appliance is connected to each extension cord; or f.) Use other power connections which will have to be approved by the Fire Marshal or representative on an individual basis and in advance.
  5. Neither SMG, the City of Greenville nor the the Greenville Convention Center will accept liability for equipment damage due to power interruptions or variances, including but not limited to dips, surges or power outages.
  6. All electrical outlets will be placed on the floor in back of booth unless booth layout showing desired location is selected above.
  7. All wiring materials furnished by the the Greenville Convention Center will remain the property of the Greenville Convention Center.
  8. Power available is alternating current, 60 cycle, and is served from a 120/208, three-phase, four-wire source; power is also available at 480 volts, three-phase. No other voltage or direct current is available. If any Exhibitor wishes to display equipment at a voltage other than that described, it will be the Exhibitor's responsibility to provide the power transformer or converter.
  9. All installed receptacles will remain turned on and all direct connections will remain on until a disconnection order has been placed with the Greenville Convention Center's official electrician.
  10. Prices are based upon current wage rates and are subject to change without notice.
  11. All cancellations are subject to a 50% processing fee. Cancellations made 24 hours or less before installation are nonrefundable.
  12. All change orders are subject to a charge amounting to the applicable price schedule for an electrical drop (minimum of $60.00).